R 249.00


  • Working on a premise that almost all fish eat squid, even squid, Catch set about designing a new type of lure. We wanted to develop a lure that was suitable for a wide range of fishing styles, including shore-based, trolling, casting, and jigging.
  • Additionally, Catch wanted a lure that will catch most species of fish such as Snapper, Kingfish, Gurnard, Kahawai, Tuna, Trevally, and even Hapuka.
  • A lot of effective fish-catching features are built into this lure: glitter, holographic, glow paint, silver belly with contrasting topside, realistic 3D eyes and super strong hooks with bite-resistant PE assist cord. All the features to increase the odds for the angler.
  • Squidwings have been tested in a range of different situations, such as surf casting, trolling, slow jigging, mechanical jigging, casting and retrieving topwater, and kayak fishing. We have had some sensational results.
  • The secret is in the wings. They give the lure stability and a bubble trail when fished topwater, and an amazing swimming action when jigged. Combined with the super tough skirt, it creates an aggressive attack response in most fish.
  • Here is one more thing about Squidwings. The body and the skirt combine to be a big profile in the water, and you will tend to attract the larger fish.

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